Mobile App Development

from Odd Panda Design


Businesses are putting more emphasis on mobile app development. With a portfolio of businesses both locally and nationally, we understand the significance of ‘collaborative development’, to ensure we fulfil your needs and requirements whilst developing a concept which best fits your budget. At Odd Panda Design we pride ourselves as one of the very few development companies in Edinburgh with the ability to offer both iOS and Android native development. With a talented team who are passionate about user experience and design, we help create beautiful and accessible products which are responsive on different devices.

What We Offer

We specialise in native iOS and Android development and pride ourselves on producing high quality user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI) across a wide range of platforms and devices. We offer a wide range of services:

  • Interactive wireframe prototype
  • Detailed mockup design
  • Developed in close communication with client
  • Bespoke features
  • In-depth Testing
  • Prototype for closed user testing
  • Launch to Apple App Store / Google Play Store

Why we develop for…



By releasing the iPhone in 2007, Apple have now revolutionised the world of digital technology, changing the way we interact and communicate with each other.


As a result of its popularity their products are now depended on throughout the world and with their high screen resolution, the iOS platform is regarded as ideal for mobile app development.


With Apple formulating new ideas and business directions with regular software updates, the app development sector will continue to grow and provide new opportunities for emerging iOS applications.

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