Enterprise Solutions

Odd Panda Design develop customised enterprise solutions and services for businesses and organisations looking to provide in-house monitoring solutions. Our skilled and experienced team can help design and develop iOS and/or Android solutions which help businesses focus on communication, strategy and growth. The application will gather information on business processes and work flow throughout the business.

With experience in providing enterprise solutions on varying platforms, our solutions take advantage of the resources and technology available to provide a fully functional integrated system. At Odd Panda Design we achieve real time integration demands within our enterprise solutions with employee and product management as well as business administrative functions which provide major value to a company’s strategy and growth.

Bespoke Solutions

We love creating tailor made digital solutions to help you run and optimise your business. No matter what your needs we are here to help.

  • Web and mobile solutions
  • Integrate with current systems
  • Admin dashboard
  • Indepth analytics and reporting

Project Stages

Requirements and Scheduling

To manage the project effectively, the first step is for us to gather a full set of requirements in order to design an effective enterprise system. The requirements help us to map out how the project will be structured by producing a schedule of deliverables (which can be tested and approved), identifying the correct development sequence (according to functional logic) and providing a projected timeframe.



Once the project requirements have been signed off and approved, we will begin with the UI designs and wireframing. It will be important to manage the amount of content, data requirements and data complexity throughout the designs. The design will compile the users requirements and look to support any future enhancements.


The development of the enterprise solution will be implemented with regular communication with the client, which is key in keeping the project on schedule. Developing the system takes the longest to complete but the deliverables will allow for testing and modifications throughout this phase of the project. Deviations in the project schedule will be regularly communicated to the client.


Testing & Delivery

When development is completed the system goes through a detailed testing process to ensure no bugs or errors occur. The procedure deals with individual features or integrated elements of the system to help narrow any issues which may arise. The enterprise solution is delivered to the client to receive feedback and ensure they are happy. Modifications to the development can be made before the official handover and sign-off is complete.

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