Our Story

About the Pandas Est. 2013

Our Culture

We’ve been doing ‘all things digital’ since 2013 and specialising in Web and Mobile App Development. During a time when the technology industry has been growing exponentially, Odd Panda Design has grown from just two creative pandas into a team of five.

Despite the (somewhat harsh) collective noun description, we don’t see ourselves as ‘an embarrassment of pandas,’ more of a hardworking and creative bunch collectively discovering the best fit for the environment we find ourselves in.

Working with Odd Panda

This ‘embarrassment’ of collective creativity has influenced the business since its inception. It stretches our technical capabilities and helps incorporate a unique design and development process, which is not black and white for every project. When we collectively aim embarrassingly high, think bigger and stretch wider, crazy things begin to happen. They already have, the exciting part is what’s next.

For every new project, we have a dedicated project team. Each member provides a unique skill and value, ranging from Node.js to iOS development. We aim to offer the full range of services required to provide enterprise solutions for any SME. The Odd Panda Design team are with you every step of the way, from commencement to completion, and continue to offer support once your project has launched.

Our Team

Meet The PandasWe don't bite

Shaun Gillon

Technical Director

Ben Thompson

Creative Director


Why the name Odd Panda you ask? Well get in touch and we might tell you!