Introducing our latest Panda, Miguel to OPD

Miguel Rodrigo joins the Odd Panda team on a six-month internship

Getting to know our 9th Panda to join OPD, Miguel:

Miguel, our latest Basque recruit, is our new junior web developer and we’re excited to have him as part of the team until May. We failed miserably to learn much Basque from Xabier, Ignacio and Jon, so we are making it our mission to do better this time. Let’s find out a bit more about the 27 year old:

Why did you decide to join Odd Panda Design?

Having completed my final year studying web development and working for three months in Slovenia, I spent the summer at home in the Basque Country contemplating what my next steps would be. After a bit of research and consideration I came across ‘Global Training’, a grant programme for Basque Country young professionals.

Global Training offer a perfect opportunity to work abroad for six months and get more real world experience. The prospect of learning more and improving my programming skills, was something I was very keen to be involved with. I was approached by Ben at Odd Panda Design and discussed the possibility of joining the team in Edinburgh. I’d never been to Scotland before, only to England visiting London as a typical tourist. The atmosphere and team dynamic at Odd Panda sounded exactly what I was after. So, I was delighted to accept their offer and join the company for six months in November.

What will your role be at Odd Panda Design?

I’ll be taking on the role as the junior web developer within the company. We seem to constantly have new web development projects and new clients on the go so, already in my first few weeks, it looks like I will be very busy. The busier I am, the faster I will learn, so I guess it’s a good thing. I already feel integrated with the Odd Panda team, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and learning more.

Finally, tell us a bit more about yourself. What do you do in your spare time?

So, I’ve only been in Edinburgh for three weeks and I’ve explored the city centre and discovered a good few bars, although I’m struggling to remember the name for any of them (alcohol influenced or not, I don’t know). It’s currently around 16 degrees at home in Bilbao as opposed to 3 degrees in Edinburgh, so the motivation to discover more here is limited, it’s so cold. In saying that I’ve already been to Edinburgh’s Christmas market (in mid-November), which was pretty impressive. Arthurs Seat is next on my To Do list.

Other than checking out Edinburgh, I love my films, music and football. Athletic Bilbao is obviously my favourite team followed closely by West Ham United. The Basque Country is quite passionate about music, and my favourite local band is probably Berri Txarrak, a well known heavy metal rock band who play Basque music. I’ve seen them live quite a lot, but maybe for now I should check out the music scene in Edinburgh and see what it has to offer.

Richard Jess

Customer Relations Manager