Case Study

BCF Technology eCommerce Development


The problem& Our Solution

After a long relationship with BCF technology, they asked us to develop an eCommerce site, which would provide an online platform for selling their latest product, the Duo Scan: Go. They required a clean and modern site that would fit in with the exciting worldwide BCF brand. It was important to highlight all key features of the product along with effectively upselling available accessories.

BCF is a Scottish based global company and this was their first eCommerce site, there were a number of challenges:

  • Selling in different countries and integrating the relevant currencies
  • Dealing with the VAT exemption for countries
  • Geo-detection with re-direct to relevant country
  • Integrating translations into the French website

The Outcome

The eCommerce site was launched after all products and accessories had been integrated, including descriptions of all key features and relevant information. The outcome was a clean, modern eCommerce platform that could be used across the world. The presentation of the Duo Scan: Go was the crucial element of the project and after experimenting with many alternatives, we felt integrating a user-friendly 360° product viewer would be the most effective.

BCF Technology Scanner
BCF Technology Odd Panda Design

What the client said….

“Partnering with Odd Panda on our eCommerce project allowed us to draw upon their knowledge and experience, delivering a professional online platform for our global customer base to purchase our new product range. From concept to completion, Odd Panda were quick to understand our requirements and were responsive to all of our design and layout modifications.”

Lee Cairns – BCF Business Systems Manager

Odd Panda Client

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