Case Study: Sink and Anchor

Ben Thompson

February 24, 2016


Sink and Anchor

eCommerce Development

The Goal

We were approached by Sink and Anchor to design a website which consolidated both of their existing websites (one eCommerce and one brochure site) into a single modern site, whilst incorporating their current branding and culture.

Our aim was to provide an online system which allowed their clients to view more information about the business, purchase stock and have the ability to book an appointment online. It was important that the website was easy to navigate and user friendly.

The Challenge

We thoroughly enjoyed the design and development evolution of this product but there were 3 main challenges that we recognised:

•  A modern website with a vintage design that will also be used for an eCommerce solution.
•   A website that will be easy for the users to book their appointments online.
•  Designing a site that fits in with the branding and style of their shop in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

“We effectively represented their brand on a digital format and fulfilled their requirements of selling merchandise and booking appointments online.”

Ben Thompson, Creative Director

Technology Used

This Sink and Anchor website was developed using both WordPress and WooCommerce. WordPress was the perfect platform for the client to easily edit content or alter the framework with limited technical knowledge. WooCommerce was used to create the Sink and Anchor online store. It provides a very secure and professional open-source solution for an eCommerce store on WordPress. WooCommerce is used by over 380,000 online retailers and who benefit from the simplicity of installing and customising their products.

Shop Creation

In addition to the branding and design, Sink and Anchor also required an integrated e-commerce store and booking system as part of their new website. With a unique retro design we developed an e-commerce template which they could sell T-shirts, beanie hats and hair products etc. The navigation and payment procedure was designed to be user friendly, offering a familiar and simple checkout process.

The Outcome


“So happy with our website, it’s bringing more business and helps us create trust with other businesses quickly.”
Luke, Sink and Anchor