Case Study : Pocket Pals

Shaun GIllon

November 4, 2014


Pocket Pals

Design & Development

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The Goal

This app aims to raise awareness among children about the plight of endangered animals, while enabling them to have fun and care for their virtual pet.

Each animal has their own habitat that you must look after and maintain in order for them to have a place to live. Throughout the game you will learn wonderful facts about endangered animals, making learning fun!

Though the app is made to play, its underlying message should be evident throughout.

The Challenge

In the initial discussion phase of the app, 3 main challenges were recognised;

•    How would the users connect with the virtual pet

•    How to convey the educational aspects of endangerment

•    How to keep it engaging and fun for all age groups

“Pocket Pals allowed us to be creative and really explore the concept of a virtual companion. If this app can inspire action and motivate change, we will be happy.”

Shaun Gillon, Technical Director

The Brand Evolution

The evolution of Pocket Pals was an exciting first project for Odd Panda as our ideas and designs kept developing. As the application was targeted towards children the branding was based on simple geo-metric animal shapes which meant children would be interacting with familiar, playful loving animals.

Our focus was to keep the app as child friendly as possible, with a logo combining both the playful, fun loving animal creature with the applications ‘Pocket Pals’ branding.

The Outcome