Case Study: Mademoiselle Macaron

Ben Thompson

February 5, 2016

Mademoiselle Macaron

Shopify Development

The Goal

Mademoiselle Macaron is a Scottish business with a level of French inspiration. They wanted to move away from their initial WordPress website to a Shopify store which would be a much more dedicated eCommerce platform.

With a very unique product, they required a brand which matched their existing brick and mortar shop in Edinburgh adding a sense of style and fun to the brand.

The Challenge

In the initial discussion phase of the website, 3 main challenges were recognised:

•    Implementing a sense of fun and character to an eCommerce website.
•    Creating a bespoke macaron picker allowing customers to uniquely select their favourite flavours.
•    Driving sales with a user friendly navigation structure.

“It was an interesting challenge moving a brochure style site to a dedicated eCommerce system. I was delighted with the outcome having stayed true to their unique branding”

Ben Thompson, Creative Director

WooCommerce to Shopify

The owner of Mademoiselle Macaron, Rachel Hanretty, wanted us to move her existing WooCommerce system to a more dedicated e-Commerce system. WooCommerce is ideal for blog and brochure websites with a small eCommerce store integrated, but the client required a platform which was more focussed towards a larger eCommerce system. She required an integrated Point of Sale (POS) system which would help her simplify the accounting process and track orders. The advantages of accessing reports and a real time inventory was the perfect solution to keeping track of the company’s information, which is what Shopify can offer. The analytical and reporting capability far outweighs that of WooCommerce, with wider selections of tools and features to increase sales.

Mademoiselle Macaron

Macaron Picker

The macaron picker was a great addition to the Mademoiselle Macaron site. It captured the fun and eye-catching elements of the macarons themselves and allowed users to interact and select their favourites for the bespoke macaron boxes. The macaron picker provides that extra personal touch which customers thrive upon and is exactly what the brand aims to convey.

It was created using a range of technologies, such as jQuery, which allowed it to be integrated into the Shopify environment. Installing the macaron picker into the Shopify theme meant the products were easily updatable when new flavours were made available, providing great flexibility for the client.

Wholesale Integration

The website was developed for the general public and a separate area for trade customers. This allowed Mademoiselle to have different pricing and bespoke shipping options for the different parts of the website, with a secured login facility for trade customers. It was developed using an App called Supple, which is devoted to offering discounts to selected customers. Wholesale suppliers can log-in and access prices separate to the general public, including bulk discounts, multi level pricing structures and minimum order specifications.


“One of the best things about the team at Odd Panda is there customer service. They were happy to have face to face meetings at my premises to talk through plans and ideas rather than settling for keeping everything at email distance. Even when the website was live, they were very attentive at helping us navigate bits and pieces as well as responding to queries. 10/10.”
Rachel, Mademoiselle Macaron